Halogem Lamp

Two types: Gull Wing and Standard.

Gull-wing wide maintenance door is easy for routine maintenance;

Professional design, poles can be quickly raised and provided lighting services in the first time;

Four support legs help to improve the stability;

The unit is equipped with a PLC controller for easy operation and maintenance;

Special design to reduce noise, the lowest noise value can reach 62dBA@7m;

The unit is equipped an automatic voice-activated alarm system. When the light pole goes up or down, system will automatically sound an alarm staff who near the lighting tower to keep safe distance;

The unit is equipped with energy-saving metal halogen lamps and has a long-life time, it can be suitable for various industries;

The large tank ensures unite continuous operation at least 20 hours.

Optional power outlets and drawbars can meet: Australian standards, American standards, European standards, etc.