PowerLink headquarter celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year of 2020!

On December 24, PowerLink group headquarters held a Christmas party at 7pm on the fifth floor of the company's restaurant, with the theme of "celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year". This activity is jointly organized by various members of team and the admin department. The company's management and key members has participated in this activity.

Ms. Zhou, the Deputy General Manager of the company, opened the party and sent her best wishes to everyone, and expressed her gratitude for the hard work of everyone in PowerLink group.

The Christmas evening party was fun and enjoyed by everyone. As the music started, a "If you’re Happy and you know it" has brought each one of us into the fun atmosphere, let everyone to have a feel of the festival mode.

It was followed by “balloon popping actives” conducted by two players, singing, dancing, and so on. This has let everyone to relax after a busy day of work and enhanced relationships and team building between colleagues. In addition, the Chairman of PowerLink also sent Christmas fruits to every employee to convey the sincere blessing of Christmas.



The party ended with a melodious song. The party not only brought joy to everyone, but also provided a platform for employees to show themselves and get to know each other.

Every member of the PowerLink family will join hands to meet the year 2020 and take it to the next level.