T3 new diesel generators product launch, all sides are bright spots

On September 4, 2020, PowerLink launched a new T3 series diesel generator set, which is an important and memorable moment for all Powerlinkish. We gathered in the workshop to share the joy of the new product launch. There are 6 models displayed on site which are T60XS,T100XS,T125X,T200XS,T250XS,T375XS with corresponding to 60kVA, 100kVA, 125kVA, 200kVA, 250kVA, 375kVA displayed on site. This series of products are specially designed for the rental market, robust, long running hours, fuel saving, ultra-low noise and environmental friendly. They can be widely applied to these fields for power supply: mining, data center, telecom, movie shooting, events etc.


T3 - all sides are bright spots. First of all, the logo is upgraded. The engine used in the product has passed the stage III certification, and adopts the high-pressure common rail fuel control technology; the XC762 control system is designed with humanized intelligence. Blue tech ECO technology enables the unit to save energy and protect the environment. In addition, the noise level is very low, and the noise level of 7m is lower than 62dB. T3 diesel generator, are full of bright spots.

The engine of T3 series is Stage III certified. The engine adopts high pressure common rail fuel control technology, which is characterized by fuel saving, low fuel consumption, high power and long maintenance cycle. We can do a maintenance cycle of 500 hours. High efficiency fuel system can help the equipment run more stably and save more fuel. It can support us to run more than 24 hours. Interested to learn more, please contact us immediately without hesitation.