The 19th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE)

The CIPPE event was held as scheduled from the 27th to the 29th March 2019, at Beijing, China.PowerLink booth number was 2520.

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  The CIPPE is an annual event of gathering for the petroleum and petrochemical industry.  It has attracted 1,800 exhibitors from 65 different nations, 46 enterprises of the world top fortune 500, plus 18 international pavilions, and, as many as 117,000 professional visitors on site. As a professional international energy equipment manufacturer, PowerLink was well prepared for the invitation for this event.

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 At the exhibition, PowerLink featured three of our products: Portable Lighting Tower, Soundproof Gas Generator set, and Soundproof Diesel Generator set.

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Portable lighting tower

PowerLink’s portable lighting tower (MS2000), was equipped with 4 sets of 500W LED lights. Not only the lightings it produces are at good quality, it also has a large of space coverage, the noise pollution level is fairly low too during operation. The image above shows the lighting tower in operation, which has attracted many eyes from our potential audiences at our booth.

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 Gas Generator Set

Next come, is our soundproof gas generator set (GXE 220C-6APG). The fuel used for this genset is associated petroleum gas. After the gas has been processed, a source of ‘green’ power is then generated by the equipped engine and alternator. This product can be widely used in industrial, commercial and other industries.

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Diesel Generator Set

Last but not least, is our white-coloured soundproof diesel generator set (WPS100S). The main components such as the engine and alternator are from well-known top brands, which have a high level of reliability. This genset can be used as the standby power for emergency electricity supply, or can be used as prime power on a 24/7 continuous-running basis.

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 All three of our PowerLink product on site at the event, had the following identical characteristics: Low noise level, low emission rate, highly efficient, low consumption and many more, which favours the need of the majority of our potential clients. The good news was, we had a number of clients coming back on the second day to view our products again for further considerations!

If you’re also interested in our products, please do contact us on !

Looking forward to hear from you soon. And, you’re more than welcome to visit our factory in Shanghai.

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 This exhibition has been successfully concluded. Through this exhibition, PowerLink gained further understandings of the new developments in the renewable energy industry, broadened our international vision and made new friends and partners! This has brought new opportunities for PowerLink and many of our partner to move forward together in the short future.