The Leaders of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission come to our company to carry out research work

       On the afternoon of June 2, director Ruan of Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission and leaders of energy conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department came to our company for discussion and guidance. Deputy district chief Chen of Songjiang District, director Chen of District Economic and Information Commission and secretary Chen of Xiaokunshan attended the meeting. General manager Zhou, vice president of the company, general manager He of manufacturing business department and heads of all departments gave warm hospitality.

After the discussion and ideas exchange, I visited our factory, and was very interested in the T4F diesel generator set which will sell to the North American market. The manufacturing process and technology is well recognized. We are confident and capable of providing green, low emission and low energy consumption power products for global users. We insist on quality manufacturing and provide reliable power guarantee for hotels, hospitals, data centers, banks, ports, mines, military and rental markets.

At the same time, we show the demonstration project of energy conservation and emission reduction for our own use - natural gas cooling, heating and power triple supply CCHP project. The project has an installed capacity of 250KW, which is a Powerlink brand power unit. With the self-developed PCC300 control system, we provide energy conservation and emission reduction solutions for the cooling, heating and power supply of our office building. As an important energy equipment for energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources, gas power generation group will continue to provide professional energy supply solutions for industrial, agricultural and commercial fields.


       Director Ruan of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission affirmed the achievements in the field of energy-saving equipment manufacturing since the establishment of the company. He pointed out that the city's energy-saving and environmental protection industry has a large development space, which provides a good environment for the cultivation and development of enterprises. He hoped that enterprises would continue to deepen the energy-saving and environmental protection industry and make greater contributions to the city's high-end manufacturing. The market potential of gas-fired generating units is huge. We need to increase the capacity of technology research and development, and continue to tap the potential of domestic market. Thank you very much for the guidance of the leaders of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and the town leaders. The development of our enterprise is inseparable from the attention and support of the government. We will continue to do a good job in products and services, and output valuable energy products for all walks of life.