The visit to PowerLink by the gas institution of Songjiang

At 10 am on December 20, 2019, leaders from the gas institution of Songjiang came to PowerLink for a visit. The Deputy General Manager Ms Zhou and the director of the manufacturing division Mr He, along with all department managers offered warm hospitality to the guests.

This purpose of the visit was mainly to understand Powerlink’s trigeneration project, the project for our office building for energy conservation and emission reductio, it uses natural gas from pipeline to power CCHP unit, the engine utilized was a PowerLink one, which was independently researched and developed. This project can allow one type of fuel to be transferred into cold, heat and electricity, totaling of three energy outputs, the provided energy is as a one-stop solution for the factory, which save the cost of more than 30%.

After visiting the production workshop, the leaders of the Gas Institution have been praised for the project, at the same time can promote sales of natural gas to fuel gas companies, in addition to the factory, gas cogeneration units can be widely used in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness center, bath center, and buildings which needs both electricity and heat.

PowerLink will continue to deepen its development in the energy sector, increase investment in scientific research, enhance its capacity for independent innovation, and make due efforts for global environmental protection and economic developments.