Liquefied Petroleum Gas 

 With petroleum industry development, liquefied petroleum gas, as a basic raw material for chemical industry and new fuel, has become more and more important.

  • Chemical production, such as: synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers and production of pharmaceuticals, explosives, dyes and other products;

  • As fuel, high calorific value, no smoke, no carbon residue, has been widely entered into people's lives...

    Liquefied petroleum gas mainly consists of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). Normally, it is obtained from oil and gas, oil refineries or ethylene plants, main feature :

  • Non-pollution, clean energy: LPG is a hydrocarbon composed of C3 (carbon 3) and C4 (carbon 4) and can be fully burned without dust;

  • Low calorific value: The equivalent weight of LPG has twice heat as coal, the liquid calorific value is 45~46MJ/kg;

  • Simple storage and flexible supply: The gas station can be stored in LPG tanks, and can also be installed in gas cylinders for users to use. Gas distribution can also be carried out through gas distribution stations and supply pipe networks.


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