Air Compressor

Powerlink is a leading power products supplier who focuses on designing and manufacturing diesel generator, gas generator, lighting tower, air compressor. Powerlink energy solution provides you more options. Powerlink UK factory and Powerlink China factory can provide rapid delivery for users around the world.


Powerlink double-screw air compressor, provides high-quality compressed air for users. Discharge pressure covers 5 bar-24 bar. Rated flux from 60 to 1500 CFM. The investment cost is low, the performance price ratio is high. Mainly used in municipal, factory, leasing, mining, water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military industry and other industries.

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Main Features:

1. The main components are the international top brands, with high reliability and stable performance;

2. Innovative and efficient air path control system;

3. Folding oil core, make compressed air oil content less than 3 ppm;

4. Full range of oil temperature, cooling liquid level, fuel level and other alarm protection functions;

5. Double layer air filter system, double stage protection for engine and compressor, prolonging the service life of lubricating oil and oil core;

6. Highly integrated modular structure, it is easy to install and connect on site and can be put into use quickly.

7. It can choose fixed or mobile structure, diesel or electric drive type to meet the needs of different environments.


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