Grupo de Power Link

- A power product manufacturer with creativity !

Founded in  2001, Powerlink is committed to high quality design and production. Having 1 R&D center and 3 manufacturing plants in the world, Powerlink launches various high-quality diesel power generation products and gas cogeneration products with the exterior shape being containerized, muted, open and portable. Powerlink also provides engineering equipment with an excellent performance, such as lighting cars, air compressors, etc. Powerlink Group has been recognized as a rapidly growing and continuously innovating power product manufacturer in the industry.

Powerlink Facotry Shanghai

- What scope of diesel power products we provide ?

Powerlink's core products-EP Series (Perkins Engine) and WCS Series (Cummins Engine) cover various power from 5KVA to 2250KVA. These products comply with the global and regional standards and can be applied to various industries and fields. We are confident in providing a complete solution for all projects including various power stations, and we can also provide customized services based on customers' special needs.

Powerlink diesel transportation

- ISO 9001:2000 Certification/ EU-CE safety standard 

We strictly implement the ISO 9001:2000 product quality system from concept to the finished product. Each product will undergo a strict and standard manufacture, test and inspection to ensure reliable quality. We will provide our customers with a complete test report for each product upon delivery. Meanwhile, we design and manufacture each export product in strict accordance with the EU-CE safety standard to produce the best product.

la cultura corporativa

Company Values

Powerlink's Corporate Values are "Openness, Efficiency, Teamwork and Professionalism".   We keep an open mind, emphasize work  efficiency, advocate teamwork, respect professional accumulation, and are committed to creating the first-class brands in the industry. 

Corporate Vision

Create value for users and provide clean and  efficient energy for the society.    

Group’s Mission

Provide the global users with advanced, valued,  safe and environmental energy products.