Prime Power


The Powerlink diesel generating set is used as the main power supply instead of the municipal power, which runs continuously and uses it spontaneously, providing uninterrupted power supply to all kinds of power equipment. The investment cost is low and the payback time is short. It is mainly used in residential areas with imperfect power grids, industrial areas, and remote areas without electricity, such as islands, mountains, desert Highlands, deserts, and mines and so on.

PowerLink Diesel Generator-prime power

Main Features

  • Power range from 5KW to 2000KW, suitable for all kinds of civil and industrial power equipment.
  • The main components are selected from the top international brands, with high reliability and stable performance.
  • Intelligent parallel machine control system can realize parallel operation of multiple units to meet the power demand of larger load.
  • The flexible grid connected control system can make the power unit supplement and peak load when the main unit is used for power supply, so as to achieve the best economic benefits.
  • Large capacity daily oil tank, automatic refueling system, ensure continuous operation, provide uninterrupted power supply.
  • The maintenance space is big, the operation is simple and convenient.
  • The whole machine is highly rain-proof and dust-proof, and the control cabinet's protection level is IP54.

5-30kVA 50Hz

5-30kVA 60Hz

31-250kVA 50Hz

31-250kVA 60Hz

251-650kVA 50Hz

Powered by PowerLink

3 phase
1 phase

251-650kVA 60Hz

651-1250kVA 50Hz

651-1250kVA 60Hz

1251-2250kVA 60Hz

1251-2250kVA 50Hz

Powered by Kubota

3 phase
1 phase