Standby Power


Powerlink diesel generating set is used as standby power supply, providing emergency power protection for users when power failure or temporary power failure occurs. The investment cost is low and the payback time is short. It is mainly used in municipal and commercial fields such as hotels, hospitals, schools, banks, telecommunications, command centers, databases, catering and entertainment establishments.

PowerLink Diesel Generator-standby power

Main Features

  • The main components are selected from the top international brands, with high reliability and stable performance.
  • The starting speed is fast, and the load capacity is strong.
  • Load fluctuation adaptability, the unit can start and stop frequently.
  • Fuel consumption rate is low, from low load to full load operation, the curve changes smoothly, and fuel economy is excellent.

5-30kVA 50Hz

31-250kVA 50Hz

251-650kVA 50Hz

651-1250kVA 50Hz

1251-2250kVA 50Hz