The Powerlink diesel generating set provides an uninterrupted power supply for the telecommunication base station and the related power equipment. It can also be used as a standby power supply. It provides emergency power protection in the case of city power failure or temporary power outage. The investment cost is low and the payback time is short.

Main Features

  • The main components are selected from the top international brands, with high reliability and stable performance.
  • Intelligent control system, simple and convenient operation, can achieve remote monitoring and unattended.
  • Large capacity daily oil tank ensures 24 hours of continuous operation.
  • The maintenance cost is low and the repair cycle is long.
  • Low noise, low emissions, does not affect the surrounding environment.


Powered by Perkins

Powered by Cummins®

3 phase
1 phase

Powered by Kubota

3 phase
1 phase

Powered by PowerLink

3 phase