Corporation Strategy  

Industrial Development 

With more than ten years of rapid development, Powerlink has established a professional, independent and complete manufacturing system.

Powerlink believes that it is necessary to actively carry out the layout in the intelligent industry. The rapid development of intelligent manufacturing has had a profound influence on the global industrial development and division of labor, and has facilitated a series of new production methods, industrial forms and business models to be formed.

Powerlink is committed to promoting the system integration application in the intelligent manufacturing industry, which includes key technical equipment, core supporting software industrial Internet, etc. Powerlink works together with users, system solution providers and equipment manufacturers to promote engineering application and industrialization. 

Powerlink strives to promote the transformation to key process automation and digitalization, promote the application of system integration technology, improve the level in designing, producing and managing high-end manufacturing products, such as intelligent equipment, and promote green connections between industries.

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High-quality Products   

Powerlink maintains the R&D and innovation investment, and constantly improves the product design and manufacturing level.     

We continuously launch high-quality products that not only meet the advanced standards in the world but even exceed the standards, to ensure the best product experience for our customers.

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Valuable Solutions

Powerlink's global service departments are capable of providing the world's leading manufacturing companies with valuable solutions, to help them stay ahead on the road ahead.

Strong R&D Team and Product Development Platform 

Based on the advanced Product Digital Management system and 3D design platform, our powerful research team can provide you with efficient and high quality products.

Reduce Secondary Input Costs

Powerlink's highly integrated products integrated products eliminate the need to purchase various auxiliary equipment additionally for customers, and therefore the cost on the secondary investment is effectively reduced.

Increase products’ use efficiency 

Powerlink's high-quality products and services bring greater benefits and output to customers and create higher value.  

Global supply service system

Powerlink has manufacturing plants in China and the United Kingdom, as well as warehouses and accessories sales centers in the United States and Australia. Powelink is ready to provide customers with fast and efficient product services at any time.

Talents strategy

Talents are the biggest strategic resource in this century

The core of Powerlink's talent strategy is to focus on the role of talents, consider a long-term development, attract people, discover people, train people, use people, and allow talented people to lead the future and guarantee the sustainable development of the corporate.


Powerlink Group plans to help potential companies or any third parties find new business opportunities and become partners.

In addition to providing full support for existing projects, we also focus on developing cooperation in new energy, including biogas, natural gas, food, crop straw, manure, and other organic wastes. The Group has established a series of independent investment institutions in China, South Asia and South America.  

We look forward to cooperating with global financial institutions, energy agencies, and contractors to increase the capital return on investment. To maximize the versatility of the business, we are willing to discuss various types of cooperation and development proposals: Construction Project, BT (Construction and Transfer) Project, BOT (Construction and Operation Transfer) Project, and EPC (Project Procurement Construction) Project  

Powerlink has already had a group of highly qualified professionals in engineering, technology, management and marketing. Powerlink has become one of the industry leaders in the fields of trade, contracting and manufacturing.  

From manufacturing to sales and services, Powerlink Group is a one-stop supplier in the energy regeneration and energy utilization field. We advocate cooperation and mutual benefit, and we hope to help you achieve your goals. We can provide all services, including one-to-one services, and can meet even greater trade demands.