Energy Rental

Powerlink is a leading power products supplier who focuses on designing and manufacturing diesel generator, gas generator, lighting tower, air compressor. Powerlink energy solution provides you more options. Powerlink UK factory and Powerlink China factory can provide rapid delivery for users around the world.


PowerLink Energy Leasing products, designed and manufactured for the rental market, include diesel generator sets, gas generators, lighting towers, air compressors, etc., providing customers with uninterrupted power. Lighting and compressed air etc. The investment cost is low, the performance price ratio is high. Mainly used in municipal construction, ports, wharves, mines, power stations, construction sites, factory enterprises, military facilities, shipbuilding and other fields.

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Main Features

1. The main components are the international top brands, with high reliability and stable performance;

2. Highly integrated modular structure, light weight, small size, can be quickly installed and put into use;

3. Intelligent control system, Simple and convenient operation, can realize remote monitoring and unattended!

4. Configure fast output socket to provide emergency power supply for other power equipment such as accessories or tools on site;

5. Large capacity daily oil tank to ensure 24 hours continuous operation; 6, Low maintenance costs, long overhaul period;

6. Low noise, low emissions, no impact on the surrounding nvironment.