Lighting Tower Markets

  - Automotive Industry

Outdoor activities such as: large-scale assembly, sports competitions, football stadiums, outdoor festivals, outdoor celebrations, etc. With the application of mobile light vehicles, these activities will become simpler, easier, and better.

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Requirement & Challenges


  • Ambient Temperature: 0°C--45°C; Altitude: 3000 meters;

  • Diversified lighting requirements need additional power output for other equipment;

  • The unit requires fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to maintain; to meet the long-term uninterrupted operation;

  • Good noise reduction performance, low noise; Easy to lift, 360 degree range of lighting; Outside use, poor working environment; sometimes used in harsh environments, strong wind resistance; convenient transportation, installation, commissioning and Easy to use and convenient.



  • 0°C--45°C, altitude: 3000 meters;

  • Diversification of lighting requirements;

  • The unit requires fuel-efficient and cost-effective.


Diesel-driven screw air compressor, non-road version. Silent design, rainproof, dust-proof, low noise, noise sound pressure: 59 - 72 dBA@7m; compressor cooling fluid is provided. In order to meet the needs of harsh outdoor environments, optional accessories can be added to meet the long-term operation in -20-+50 degrees. 

  • The full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of units easier;
  • Air cooled 45 degrees ambient temperature design, suitable for 0 to 45 degrees working environment, meet the all-weather operation requirements;
  • The chassis has the design of anti distortion and anti seepage, no pollution to the ground;
  • Quiet box, through the centrifugal fan, air duct and sound insulation cotton combination design, effectively reduce noise, noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m;
  • PLC-5000 intelligent controller, with a number of data display, monitoring and other functions, and can be seen at 45 degrees angle;
  • Reserve additional equipment space, standard options can be selected according to your needs.