Diesel Genset Market

- Outdoor Prime Power

It can serve the plateau, desert and other harsh environment.

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Requirement & Challenges

Strong environmental adaptability

  • PowerLink diesel genset standard products can be operated at 5°C~50°C and no power attenuation and reliable less than 1000 m. Optional coolant heaters, oil heaters and other options can be started at -30 °C low temperature environment.


  • High strength and special design ensure genset can be worked well in rough cooperate. Thickened and manufactured durable, wear-resistant and crash-resistant chassis ensure long-term turnaround and transportation safety.

High Security

  • Design, production and testing fully comply with European CE standards.

  • Equipped with an emergency stop switch completely eliminates risk of electric shock when restarting.

  • The lines are integrated by harness assembly, and jackets with high temperature resistance are used in many places. Electrical control lines can withstand high temperatures and there are two layers of protective insulation, safe and reliable.


The strong adaptability of the environment, strong durability, high safety and other features ensure safe and reliable operation, meet the conditions of outdoor use, and ensure maximum work efficiency.

  • A full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of the unit is more simple and easy;
  • The control system has AMF function, can be automatically started, and has a number of monitoring under the automatic shutdown and alarm function;
  • ATS can be selected, small units can choose unit built-in ATS;
  • ultra low noise power generation, to meet the needs of daily life;
  • Stable performance, the average failure interval of the unit is not less than 1000 hours;
  • The unit is small in size and can be equipped with some devices to meet the requirements of cold and high temperature areas;
  • The special needs of some customers can be customized design and development.