Lighting Tower Rental


Powerlink rental type lighting tower -- high quality power generation lighting equipment. Power solution for the rental market, meets a wide range of industries that have a need for mobile lighting. Adopt LED lamp, high efficiency and energy saving, large lighting area. The investment cost is low, the performance price ratio is high. Mainly used in all kinds of large-scale construction operations, mine operations, maintenance repair, accident handling, emergency relief, outdoor activities and other field lighting.

Main Features

  • The main components are the international well-known brands, with high reliability and stable performance;
  • With convenient output sockets, provide emergency power supply for other power equipment such as accessories or tools in the work site;
  • Adopt intelligent control system, automatic rise and fall of tower masts, and set up double safety protection to effectively guarantee the personal safety of operators;
  • Large fuel tank design for continuous running 24 hours;
  • Quickly moved and transported. Max. towing speed reaches 80km/h;
  • Srong wind resistance of 80km/h, can adapt to the harsh environment all day in the field;
  • The negative power switch is equipped with a safety lock to prevent the unit from suddenly starting during maintenance;
  • High-degree noise reduction technology, good emission system to ensure that the equipment does not affect the living environment;

Energy Rental Lighting Tower MS2000

Model Height Max Rising time Descending time Rotation Angle Lamp Pitch Angle Lighting System Illuminating Power Maximum Traction Speed Dimension(fully retracted) Net Weight Engine Model Alternator Model
MS2000 9012mm 15s 18s 0-350°(Manual) 0-82°(Automatic) 5x500W 85,000 lumens/light 80km/h 2316x1332x2314(mm) 1162Kg Z482-E4B-GB V18