Oil and Gas


Powerlink gas generators provide uninterrupted power supply for all kinds of mining equipment in the oil field, run continuously and output safely. The investment cost is low and the payback time is short.

Main Features

  • The main components are selected from the top international brands, with high reliability and stable performance.
  • Equipped with anti Mars device and explosion-proof device, the whole machine has high safety.
  • Intelligent parallel machine control system can realize parallel operation of multiple units to meet the power demand of large load.
  • The unique design of inlet and outlet and remote tank, so that the unit can adapt to the harsh working environment.
  • Large capacity daily oil tank, automatic refueling system, ensure continuous operation, provide uninterrupted power supply;
  • The maintenance cost is low and the repair cycle is long.
  • The whole machine has high rain-proof and dust-proof properties, and the control cabinet's protection level is IP54.