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In the process of oil exploitation, natural gas will escape from oil wells, mainly consisting of low molecular weight alkanes such as methane and ethane. It also contains a small amount of propane, butane, pentane and so on. The low heat value is approximately 32MJ/m3 , which is a high-quality fuel for utilisation. The generator unit adopts high-performance power system, which runs reliably and stably. The modular system is easy to install and can be put into use quickly. The investment cost is low with a short payback period.

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Oilfield associated gas after purification is used as the input fuel. The electricity generated will meet the power demand of the oilfield preferentially, before the surplus power energy can be transferred to the public power grid to generate economic benefits. It not only solves the problem of exhaust treatment of associated gas, protects the ecological environment, but also realises the rational utilisation of resources and obtains good economic value.

Environmental Value

  • Compared with traditional energy sources, SO2 and the solid waste emission is almost at zero. It reduces the CO2 emission by more than 50%, the NOX emission by 80% and tsp (total suspended particle) by 95%;

  • No secondary pollution (compliance with environmental requirements)

  • Environmental significance: improve resource utilisation, reduces greenhouse gas emission, improves the surrounding atmosphere, and develops the resource for environmental education.

Economic Value

Strong gas engine

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High efficiency: high performance internal combustion engine, lean combustion for full burning efficiency

Strong: power output is stable, strong, sudden / unloading capability.

Advanced: ECU control system integrates many advanced technologies: thin combustion technology, gas leakage protection device, detonation control system, cylinder temperature protection system, etc.

Low emissions: compared with traditional coal combustion, NOX and CO2 emissions reduced by 60%-80%, SO2 and dust almost to zero.

Low cost: low running and maintenance cost, long service life and long overhaul period.

High durability

High protection: It can withstand the influence of bad weather, control cabinet, overhaul door and the box cover has a excellent protection level. It is difficult to corrode or damage the machine by strong wind, rain or dust.

Coupling: Engine and generator are connected by coupling to withstand rotating vibration and load fluctuation, limits torque and prevent overload.

Integrated oil filtration system: equipped with high-performance filters, effectively remove dust, metal particles, carbon precipitates in the oil, reduce the wear of crankshaft and other parts

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High reliability

Ensured continuous operation: Advanced technologies such as optimised gas mixer and GCC742 control system ensure the effective operation of the unit, even when the gas is difficult to operate (coal bed methane, landfill gas or sewage treatment waste gas, etc.).

Reducing the emission of NOx (nitrogen oxides) to less than 500 mg/Nm-conforms to international emission regulations and avoid potential risks

 Simple synchronisation or grid connection (optional)

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Multiple units can be synchronised or disconnected to the required load, this helps to meet the frequent changing load requirements, reduces fuel consumption and run steadily & reliably

  Advanced control system

Advanced control panel: automatic operation of control system, easy to operate, easy for data reading, and contains rich information.

Precise electronic control system: integrated control cabinet, all-directional monitoring, for control and protections.

Supports OSC service system: local or remote login monitoring and control unit to support mobile Apps.

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Product Structure

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  • Open Type It is installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.

  • Soundproof Type It could be used indoor or outdoor, with a low noise level.

  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.

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