LFG Genset

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Domestic waste and industrial waste are biodegraded to produce a kind of combustible gas after landfill activities. It mainly consists of CH4 and CO2, and a small amount of H2S and siloxane. Landfill gas can be produced from 100 to 200 m³ per ton of garbage with a low heat value of about 22 MJ/m³, which is a high-quality fuel for utilisation. The generator unit has a compact structure, small flooring space, short installation time, special protective treatment for the container and the main parts, and all pipes are made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance. The unit is safe and stable in operation, durable, low cost in investment, with a short payback period.

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The electricity generated will be offered first to satisfy the local power demand, the surplus electricity can then be transferred to the public power grid to generate economic benefits. Not only to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, protect the ecological environment, but also create good economic value!

Environmental Value

  • Compared with traditional energy sources, it increases fuel efficiency, reduce harmful SO2 and CO2 emission by more than 50%. The solid waste emission is almost at zero. Furthermore, it reduces the NOX emission by 80% and tsp (total suspended particle) by 95%;

  • Low noise-65dBA@7m (soundproof type genset). It could continuously operate on a 24/7 basis. It has a low maintenance cost and only required simple operation. The surrounding temperature is designed at the range of -10-50℃. The electric efficiency is at over 36%;

  • Energy and environmental significance: renewable energy-green energy. Reduces the smell of garbage, improves the environmental impacts of the surrounding atmosphere , develops a resource for educational purposes, and to prevent landfill smoldering.

Economic Value

Calculation of economic benefits based on 60 kW power generating set with electric power

Each ton of coal can be associated with coal-bed methane of 1000 m³, which can earn 336,000 RMB (approx. 50,000 USD) of economic income in a year.

 Product Structure

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  • Open Type It is installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.

  • Soundproof Type It could be used indoors or outdoors, with a low noise level.

  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.

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Special gas genset List

Model Electric power Electrical efficiency Engine Model Standard control module Optional Control Model
GXE800-NG 800 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.382 AMF GX80C-LE02G
GXE220-6NG 220 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.367 AMF GX12T-LE01G
GXE260-6NG 260 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.378 AMF GX13K-LE01G
GXE350-6NG 350 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.388 AMF GX20T-LE02G
GXE60-6NG 60 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.36 AMF GX5S-LE01G
GXE110-6NG 110 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.37 AMF GX7S-LE01G
GXE160-6NG 160 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.372 AMF GX10T-LE01G
GXE220-6NG 220 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.367 AMF GX12T-LE01G
GXE260-6NG 260 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.378 AMF GX13K-LE01G
GXE320-6NG 320 parallel-operation/grid-connected 0.388 AMF GX20T-LE02G