Natural gas cogeneration

PowerLink's natural gas co-generation, high-performance and high-quality distributed energy product, has an overall energy utilisation ratio of over 82%! Natural gas is used as the input fuel, the chemical energy with high heat value is converted into high-efficient mechanical energy in the power plant, which then is converted into power and thermal energy through a generator. It has a low investment cost and short payback period. This is mainly used for buildings in the city, hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues, fitness clubs, schools, residential fields, stations, airports etc.

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Four Advantages of Distributed Energy

Economic and Efficient

  •   With the same heat value, the cost of natural gas is 30% -50% lower than diesel.

  •   Distributed energy is located near the user, the total efficiency can be up to 80% -90%.

Alternative Energy

  •   Used for the areas which are difficult to connect to the grid. Distributed energy can replace the grid and meet the needs of user’s hot water and air conditioning facilities.

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

  •   Energy loss is less , and energy saving than traditional energy supply is 30-40%

  •   Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 20-60%

Optimizing Energy Structure

  •   Improve the state of our countrys dependence on coal and petroleum, and promote the use of clean and renewable energy.

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Economic Benefit Analysis

Energy Type Power Annual Output Annual Income Annual Consumption of Gas Annual Replacement of Standard Coal Annual Emission Reduction of CO2
Electricity 1000kW 8000MW 5.60 million RMB 2.2 million m³ 3200 ton 4160 ton
Hot Water 1280kW 0.42 million ton 2.10 million RMB 3126 ton 7836 ton

7.70 million RMB 2.2 million m³ 6326 ton 11996 ton

Note:take the gas CHP unit of electric power 1000kWe as an example, the operating time is calculated as 8000 hours per year, the electricity price is 0.3 $ / kWh and the hot water price is 2.5$ / ton.