Shale Gas Generators

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Shale gas is a natural gas resource that can be exploited in shale beds. China has large recoverable reserves of shale gas. It mainly exists in the form of adsorption and free state, and its main component is methane. It is a clean, efficient energy resource and chemical raw material. The generator unit has compact structure, small flooring space, short installation time, special protective treatment for the container and the main parts, all pipes are made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance. The unit is safe and stable in operation. It has a high durability, a low investment cost and a short payback period.

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As the input fuel, the purified shale gas can give priority to meeting the coal mine's power demand, the surplus electricity can be then transferred to the public power grid to generate economic benefits. It not only reduces the risk of gas explosion in coal mines, but also helps on energy saving and emission reduction, rational utilisation of resources and has a good economic value.

Environmental Value

  • Compared with traditional energy sources, it can improve fuel efficiency, reduce SO2 emissions from harmful gases, reduce CO2 emissions from solid wastes by almost 50%, reduce NOx by 80%, and reduce TSP (total suspended particles) by 95%.

  • No secondary pollution (meeting environmental protection requirements)

  • Significance of energy and environmental protection: renewable energy-green energy without harmful gas pollution and of full utilisation of resources to prevent natural gas explosion

Economic Value

Product Structure

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  • Open Type It is installed in the machine room, and the machine room should be designed and built to reduce the noise.

  • Soundproof Type It is installed in the machine room, with a low noise level.

  • Container Type It could be put into use quickly without the need of building construction. Prevents rain and dust.

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