Рынок дизель-генераторных установок

- Building

Diesel generators are applied in a range of buildings, including office buildings, skyscrapers, residential, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools and etc. Non-stop power supply is needed for the operation of computers, lighting, electric appliance, and elevators in these premises. Power generators usually act as standby power supply, standing by main power. The main purpose is to make up for the lack of network power supply. In the case of insufficient power supply, the power shortage will occur during the peak period of electricity consumption, and the use of power grid will be limited. The power supply department must not limit the power supply everywhere, and then the peak load power supply will be needed to relieve the power supply. Setting up peak shaving power should be done by public power supply department. Some underdeveloped countries and islands are often used as common power sources due to the imperfect power grid and insufficient power supply, leading to frequent power outages.

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Требования и вызовы

Working Conditions 

  • Altitude height 1000 meters and below.
  • Temperature down limit -15°C, up limit 55°C.

Low Noise

  • Quite power supply with lower noise effect on work.

Necessary protective equipments

  • The machine will automatically stop and give signals in the following cases: low oil pressure, high temperature, over speed, start failure.
  • For auto start power generators with AMF function, ATS helps realize auto start and auto stop. When the mains fails, power generator can start within 20 seconds (adjustable). The power generator can start consecutively three times. The switch from main load to generator load completes within 20 seconds and reaches rated power output in less than 30 seconds. When the mains power gets back, the generators will automatically stops within 300 seconds (adjustable) after the machine cooled.

Performance & Reliability

  • High-quality engine and generator ensure reliable and stable operation.

  • Advanced intelligent control system, comprehensive data monitoring can ensure  safe operation.
Power Solution

Superb power generators, with PLC-7420 control module and ATS, assures immediate power supply the same time the main is gone. The generators adopt low noise design, and helps supply power in a quiet environment.

  • Whole set product and turn-key solution help customer use the machine easily without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain.
  • Система управления с функцией AMF, с возможностью автоматического запуска, и функциями автоматической остановки и аварийного оповещения на основе всестороннего мониторинга;
  • ATS for option. For small KVA machine, the ATS is integral.
  • Low noise. The noise level of the small KVA machine (30kva below) is below 60dB(A)@7m.
  • Стабильные характеристики, средний период времени между возникновениями неисправностей составляет более 1000 часов;
  • Compact size. Optional devices are provided for special requirements for stable operation in some freezing cold areas and burning hot areas.
  • For bulk order, custom design and development is provided.