Power Link has large stock of spare parts, which are packaged and stored in our modernized warehouse constantly being monitored by our advanced management system. With this attention to detail we can ensure you a prompt response to your needs with improved lead times on all our spare parts. Power link’s online parts solution platform allows users freedom of being able to access the spare parts division in order to provide you with the best spare parts solutions in the most efficient manner. For all year round, the following parts are regularly stocked for your convenience: Engine maintenance spare parts, alternator spares, control modules, ATS’s, genset parts and maintenance tools. We purchase all of our spare parts directly from the manufactures we deal with to ensure all our parts are 100% genuine.

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We now have a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution for all your important generator needs, here at our Power Link UK factory. Our highly trained sales personnel can now guide you to the correct maintenance parts required for each generator set. No matter how small or large the order is, we have a solution for all enquiries. They can now plan and forecast around your purchasing habits, to ensure you always receive a constant supply of spare parts.

Engine Parts

Power Link provides almost all the engine parts from a complete cylinder to small gaskets for all the generators we put into the market. Main engine parts list includes: Major Engine Parts, Engine Overhaul gaskets and other engine parts and components.

Oil Filters

Standardized production of oil filters ensures long life and reliability of the engine and minimizes wear on the core components. 

Air Filters

Provides an engine-matched air filter, which has high filtration accuracy, effectively protects the intake air of the engine, and ensures stable operation of the generator set and prolongs its service life.

Fuel Filters

Poor fuel filtration / water separation causes the majority of fuel injection pump failure. 99 percent of fuel injection pumps that require replacing have suffered from fuel contamination. Dirt and water in fuel could cause the following damage to your engine:

Fuel injection pump failure

Dirty and blocked nozzles

Excessive smoke

Contact for parts

Through Power Link’s online parts solution platform, the spare parts division is able to provide you with parts solutions in the most efficient manner. Click HERE

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