Product model:CG100/S-NG

Electric power -kW:100 KW
Heat power-kW:138 KW
Gas type:Natural gas

Specification Brochure

Basic parameters

Gas Type      Natural gas
Electric power [kWe]      100
Heat power [kWth]      138
Input power[kW]      282
Jacket water heat power[kW]      82
intercool water heat power[kW]      6
Exhaust power [kW,Out@120℃]     50
Exhaust flow[kg/h]      594
Exhaust temperature[℃]      390
Vapour power[KW]      48
Vapour Output@1.0MPa/180℃[t/h]      0.0616
Vapour Output@0.6MPa/158.8℃[t/h]      0.0620
Output Hot water@ input 70℃/output 90℃[t/h] 5.619
Electric efficiency      35.5%
Heat efficiency 48.9%
CHP efficiency     84.4%
Electric efficiency / Heat efficiency      72.5%
Overhaul interval [h]      50000
Heating water supply temperature [℃]      90
λ      1.6

Fuselage and box body

Opent sets LxWxH(wooden stock)[mm]      3700X1150X1750
Soundproof sets LxWxH(wooden stock)[mm]      4000X1150X1750
Opent sets weight[kg]      2200
Soundproof sets weight[kg]      3000
Opent sets dB(A)@7m      98.6
Soundproof sets dB(A)@7m     

Fuel and oil

Fuel consumption @100% load [m³/h]      28
Fuel consumption @75% load [m³/h]      22
Fuel consumption @50% load [m³/h]      15
Fuel consumption @25% load [m³/h]     
Lubrication consumption[kg/h]      0.125

Engine data

NO. of cylinders      R6
Displacement [L]      6.9
Rated output power [kWm]      110
Bore x stroke[mm]     
Enginne speed [rpm]     
Engine type      turbo charged
Burning type      Lean burn

Gensets discharge

NOx     <500mg/Nm³
CO      <600mg/Nm³
HCHO      <60mg/Nm³
NMHC      <150mg/Nm³